Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

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01Aug, 2019

All most all businesses are online these days. They are maintaining a strong online presence with a sophisticated business website, with a goal to get maximum benefits out of it. Business owners are generally concerned about increasing website traffic and converting visitors into potential customers. Getting more web traffic and conversions is not an overnight task, it takes time. However, there are some tools available that help companies to improve the conversation rate. In this blog, you will find the top most important conversion rate optimization tools for your business. First, let’s understand the basics before we move on to exploring the significant tools for conversions.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization is the process that enables the visitors of a website to convert them into prospective customers. When the website visitors’ complete the desired actions the conversion rates increases. The actions may include newsletter subscriptions, downloads, membership registration, etc.

Now let’s get the insights about the topmost influential CRO tools that boost conversions for your business.

1. Google Analytics

It is the most commonly used analytics tool which is simple to operate, even a nontechnical person can easily handle and understand its processes. Google analytics accurately fetches various data of a website such as the average duration of visitors, average session time, bounce rate, conversion rates, conversion goals, and many more. It’s an effective tool to start analyzing customers behaviour and boosting conversions. In fact, a survey mentioned that 27,725,874 live websites across the globe are using google analytics to improve their business growth

2. Usersthink

It’s a unique tool to optimize conversion rates. It gets you the user feedback and solves their queries faster. If you want to learn the weak and strong features of your website quickly, Usersthink is for you. The cleans and hassle free experience to test the website’s functionality attracts businesses to use this tool and optimize their site to make it more responsive.

3. Crazygee

You may have heard this name before, it enables to where visitors are interacting the most on your website. With the detailed chart of users behaviour, you can identify the most lucrative spots. The real-time analytics will help you to record users actions and allows you to provide a more personalized experience to convert them into prospects. In short, it’s a great tool to improve the user experience of your website which increases customer engagement.

4. Kissmetrics

This CRO tool offers web analytics solution that enables businesses to identify which marketing channels are producing the most valuable customers. You can easily map customers’ journey on your website; from where they started and where they have moved. The insights about their actions will help you to boost conversion rate effectively.

5. Whoisvisitng

Tracking and identifying who visits your website, is essential to improve CRO. tracks the B2B visitors who were interested in your website but did not get converted. This tool will give you details (like email address, contact number, etc.) about the companies who have visited your website. If you want to attract B2B customers, it gives you a competitive advantage by fetching the real identities of the visitors.

6. Webpagetest

It’s the SEO tool that works seamlessly with CRO strategies. This tool allows you to test the speed of your website with comparison to similar web pages. You can generate the speed reports for all your webpages and compare those to decrease the loading time. Even 1-3 seconds website load time raise the bounce rate probability by 32%. Hence, utilize this tool and make your site speed faster than before. If your website loads faster, customers are also more likely to engage with your business.

7. Hubspot

It presents a more profound insight into the behaviors of your website visitors who are in your data list. The dashboard, you can observe which marketing efforts are increasing conversions and which you should implement to benefit from optimization. Besides, Hubspot allows their customers to build a comprehensive inbound marketing funnel on a website, along with A/B tests to deploy personalized content for improved CRO.

8. Hotjar

This CRO tool offers most tools that marketers are looking for such as funnel tracking, session cams, triggered polls, heat maps, surveys, and many more. It’s a great tool to consolidates analytics and feedback of the visitors which will definitely help to turn the website visitors into potential customers.

9. GT Metrix

When you want to analyze and optimize the speed of your business site, this tool will help you. GT matrix’s dashboard explains key performance indicators (KPIs) such as page speed score (Google), YSlow score (Yahoo!), the size of the page, web page loading time, the total number of visitors, etc. Regularly checking and improving site speed eventually increases the number of visitors on a website.

10. Conductrics

It is an excellent CRO tool that renders various methods for automated optimization for a website, mobile application, or online campaigns. Whether you want to customize your own business rules or use machine learning to boost conversion, it’s a perfect choice.

Hence, all the mentioned tools will help in some way to increase conversion rates via your website. But, depending on your business offerings and requirements, you should opt for the right one to get the intended results in a specific time frame.

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