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Interactive 3D Product Manuals

We develop interactive, user-friendly 3D manuals that help the customer get the most out of your product with no effort

One major disadvantage of traditional product manuals, no matter if they are printed ones or PDFs, is that none of them is ever used. It’s Generation X you are dealing with on the market, and it’s time to consider interactivity as an option.

Interactive 3D product manuals will present all the necessary information about the product to users without boring them or taking too much of their time. Nobody wants to spend hours reading loads of small text and be confused by low-quality 2D images because of a lack of technical knowledge. It’s much easier for your customers to navigate through a visually appealing 3D manual with an intuitive interface that ensures perfect communication.

What We Can Do For You

Interactive User Guides

Whatever easy and intuitive your product interface is, the user does need a manual. Interactive 3D user guide will add some fun and make the customers’ life easier. Be sure, they will appreciate it.

Maintenance Manuals

Every product needs maintenance and sometimes even troubleshooting procedures, and that doesn’t make any customer happy. An interactive and visually appealing 3D manual will make the maintenance experience much smoother.

Equipment Manuals

Interactive manuals can be a good solution for your employees, too. Often, it’s not easy to get used to new equipment, and graphic-rich user guides will certainly make a difference.

Interactive Marketing Materials

If you need a spectacular product presentation with all its features and functionality on the spotlight, a marketing-rich 3D product manual will be a great way to impress your customers and distributors.

What industry are you in? It’s just about time to innovate!


It’s necessary for a driver to know everything about the vehicle he is driving: its features, on-board electronic devices, maintenance, and troubleshooting process.


Educational 3D manuals for your staff will be a vital solution for speeding up and increasing the quality of training newcomers and familiarization with new equipment.

Military & Defense

There are lots of devices, weapons, and other equipment combatants should be familiar with, and 3D manuals would be of great help here.


It’s important to train new staff as to the manufacturing equipment and processes. Interactivity will help to achieve great results within a limited time.

Home Appliances

The more visuals and interactivity is added to the manuals for home appliances, the sooner users start enjoying the product.


Modern electronic devices and gadgets have got really sophisticated, and the best way to show all their features is to use visuals.


Interactive 3D manual is a great way to ensure safer self-treatment and better medical services when it comes to using medical devices, drugs, and equipment.

Home & Furniture

We all know the IKEA item that’s just been delivered can be quite a tricky puzzle. But not with a graphic-rich and easy 3D manual attached.


When it comes to logistics and transportation, it’s important for the driver to have all the necessary information about car maintenance right in a pocket.


Agro sector is not just about digging in the soil anymore: today, it uses lots of technological novelties that need better and more interactive educational materials.

Key Benefits of Interactive Manuals

  • Graphic-rich 3D animation format is much more appealing, engaging and easy to understand
  • It is an effective tool of communicating product ideas to the vendors, dealers, and engineers
  • Allows sending a much clearer message to the user with minimum confusion
  • Helps marketers convey useful product information, USPs, and to present product features effectively
  • 3D product manuals are very cost-effective and eco-friendly compared to traditional paper ones

Let’s make the customer journey through your product interesting, engaging, and easy

ScaleXm is a time-proven software development company with deep experience in creating interactive 3D manuals for various industries such as Home Appliances & Electronics, Military & Defense, Manufacturing, Automotive, etc. These product manuals provide step-by-step assistance and guidance on how to launch, maintain, and operate the product, as well as on how to conduct the basic troubleshooting. Such interactive guides can do a big favor not just to your customers, but also to your employees from multiple departments: sales and marketing, product design, manufacturing, support.