Remote Service

Remote AR/MR Assistant

Empower your subject matter experts and field technicians with augmented and mixed reality technologies to make their collaboration effective and easy.

Remote AR/MR Assistant is an efficient solution that allows your field technicians and industry experts to work together through an interactive AR or MR interface. As a result, the first get needed assistance and guidance when performing their task in the field, and the letter can share their expertise and teach young staff more effectively. The solution provides the ability to connect via voice, video and interactive virtual toolset that augments the real world. Whether it is augmented or mixed reality,ScaleXm will put together all the needed features and interactive instructions to empower your expert staff and field workers with a comprehensive tool that helps increasing the productivity of their work.

What We Can Do For You

  • Flexible and immersive knowledge on-demand tools
  • Real-time work instructions and technical assistance
  • Provides an ability to minimize the time to resolution and downtime
  • Allows to minimize travel costs and to maximize service margins
  • Opens doors for expanding and scaling the technical expertise

Measurable Value

Service cost cut by up to 9%

  • Opportunity to use less educated staff on local workshops level
  • Ability to take only the necessary spare parts due to a precise diagnostic on a local level
  • Higher level of utilization of the engineering workforce

15% shorter service time

  • Significant skills increase of local workers
  • Travel time reduction
  • Real-time availability of complex engineering knowledge and assistance of senior engineers

50% less risk

  • Lower mistake probability due to the detection of systematic employees’ mistakes
  • Special logging and report system of completed/planned tasks which will help your company’s managers monitor and analyze the working process

Perfect Tool for Multiple Verticals


Industrial Equipment



Energy & Utilities