Popular Trends of Web CMS in 2019

web cms trends 2019
16Jun, 2019

Do you know WordPress is highly preferable among all content management systems? More than 60% of websites prefer WordPress for CMS development.

In this digital evolution, websites need to have quality content. But, only quality content is not enough now. The content should be well-optimized for the potential audience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WCMS (Web Content Management System) is the favored choice for most businesses. In fact, it is simplers, easier, and quicker to modify WCMS rather than the traditional one.

So, what is a Web Content Management System (WCMS)?

According to TechTarget, “WCMS is a set of software (tool) that provides the organization of content information on a website without any previous knowledge of web programming or markup languages.

Typically WCMSs are economical, often being free or offer subscriptions that overweight overall costs. WCMS is accessible and does not require users to have technical coding knowledge in order to form or maintain the content. Besides, the administrator can manage a personalized workflow efficiently.

Let’s have a look at the top trends of Web CMS in 2019;

1. Increase demand for headless CMS

Traditionally, the Content Management System (CMS) was developed with the back end (the body) which was connected to the front end framework (the head). Now, it is a trend for headless CMS. It means that the content place via back-end CMS will be viewed on hardware devices with APIs instead of separate frameworks (head).

This facility allows well-optimized content delivery for all platforms, mobile devices, computers, etc. without having a separate design for different platforms or devices. More importantly, with web-based CMS, you do not have to worry about creating a responsive design for all platforms or web browsers. It automatically sets the design according to the device. As the demand for headless CMS is increased, every business should have a CMS to manage the content. Yet, you can outsource the services to develop a powerful CMS that helps to manage your website content efficiently. In fact, by outsourcing, you can form a better business that drives in more sales and profitability for your business.

In addition, nowadays, developers select headless CMSs as they offer more flexibility over the traditional CMS. It does not restrict creativity and allows us to modify changes quickly and effectively.

2. Implementation of chatbots in CMS

Chatbots are defined as the next generation of app interfaces that can transform the way how users interact with the devices. Web CMS can deliver content to all types of mobile devices via the integration of API.

With the chatbots, content also becomes searchable in question and answer form. Also, it can be updated across all channels more efficiently. Most precisely, the content is secured under dynamic and single-source control. It relatively reduces the risk of degradation of quality, management issues.

Marketers prefer to implement chatbots to CMS to save time and money in the development process. In simple words, chatbots in web CMS is a cost-effective yet better option for customer services.

3. CMS powered by AI

A CMS is designed with an aim to offer easy modifications to a website and manage content without a proficient knowledge about coding languages. It means the administrators who do not know how to code at all can effectively manage a website without the help of website developers. Web CMS which are powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), often provide drag and drop facilities for content creators and website owners.

Nevertheless, AI has the potential to make this level of accessibility a step further. AI-powered CMS assist in content curation to optimize web pages and content for SEO. Moreover, it helps to create new functionalities with API integration for better interaction between back end content management and its visibility at the front end.

There are many web-based CMS platforms are available like WordPress, SharePoint, Wix, etc. are now using AI to help users design websites and create personalized templates according to their preferences. Also, the web-based CMS allows hassle-free customization each element of a website.

In today’s tech-savvy era, the need for voice-based search assistance has been increased. From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, we can observe the execution of voice technology on mobile devices. Besides, according to a research study, by 2020 more than 50% of web searches will perform with a voice search.

Hence, it is recommended that all the content on the website is optimized for voice searches. So, the marketer and content creators have to pay close attention to the demand for voice search. But, web CMS platforms offer functionalities to embrace voice-based search assistance. It also offers ease to focus on creating relevant content rather than how to adjust elements together for optimizing purposes.

4. The proliferation of Digital Experiences

This is a digital era, more and more people are using some kind of digital media. The companies who want to attract more customers, they need to provide superior digital experience to their potential customers. The traditional CMS has limitations to optimal digital exposure to end users. However, web-based CMS is intended to prioritize the digital experience to all devices. This, actually serves the current market trends to meet the market demand by offering consistent digital experience.

Moreover, new content types for virtual reality, augmented reality, voice-activated programs, etc. are also a challenge for many companies. Web-based CMS possesses the capability to meet any challenge arises from digital evolution. Hence, web CMS to deliver prime digital experience is the first choice for marketers.

In fact, the Content Management System is the mandatory requirement for most businesses. Do you want to develop a CMS that offers efficient operations? You have landed at the right spot.

Though Web CMS does not require prior coding knowledge, you will need to expert to customize the CMS to sustain market competition. Today, maintaining a personalized content that reflects your business offerings is the prime need. Moreover, the developers who have former knowledge about the coding languages can deliver you a robust system to manage your website content efficiently.

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