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Digital Twins Development

Increase your business efficiency using Digital Twins

One of the greatest innovations in the sphere of product development and enhancement over the past several years is the use of digital twins. The concept of a digital twin is rooted in data science and constitutes a virtual representation of a physical object or system. You can think of it as a simulation of a real-world product or system, bearing identical structure, movement, behavior, and other characteristics. Digital twins are created to better understand and analyze the performance of existing products/systems, find deficiencies and possible improvements, as well as test possible changes to the product or system with no risk.

Benefits of using Digital Twins

  • Product visualization. Visualize your products and the links between them for a better understanding of enterprise’s processes.
  • Highly accurate analytics. Receive detailed data about objects collected by sensors in real-time.
  • No-risk testing. You can test changes to products/systems with no risk of permanent damage.
  • Identify deficiencies. Any issues with product performance can be traced down to the smallest parts, rather than the system as a whole.
  • Speed up development. Limit the number of development stages with extensive testing.
  • Troubleshoot from afar. Perform troubleshooting from any location using the digital twin.

What We Can Do For You

Integration of Digital Twins in ERP, EAM, LMS, PLM, etc.

There are many different approaches and models for managing business processes. All of them collect various data and organize it for analysis. With our expertise in the integration of a digital twin, this process can be simplified and automated.

Creating VR/AR Digital Twin Assets

Digital models of products are sometimes difficult to understand when they are presented in the form of graphs, diagrams, and 2D images. VR/AR simulations offer a much clearer view and perspective of the objects, allowing you to examine them from different angles and take a closer look at their components.

Development of solutions, using languages such as C#, C++, JavaScript

We understand the need to implement a digital twin to match the existing platform and business software. ScaleXM team is ready to integrate our solution into any environment based on C#, C++, or JavaScript.

Supported integration with Azure and AWS

The successful function of a digital twin can require significant resources, such as computing power that can be shifted to a cloud. Thus, if you prefer to use resources from Azure and AWS, our team will gladly assist with the integration to these and other platforms.

Make your learning management system SCORM-compliant

SCORM is an abbreviation of “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”, and can be described as a specific standard of constructing eLearning products. If you have such products and want to bring them up to standard, you can benefit from the data analysis and testing capabilities provided by digital twin technology.

Industries We Focus On


With a digital twin of your manufacturing model, you can find and test new ways to improve efficiency


Numerous sensors added to cars or already present contribute to the creation of a digital twin for monitoring performance and identifying issues


Creating a digital twin of a building before or during construction will make further construction more effective and help identify hazards


Modeling virtual energy grids and sources can help you make the most of energy production and distribution


A virtual health model based on bodily readings and measurements can predict health complications and diagnose certain conditions

Oil and Gas

Operators of oil and gas platforms can predict rates of corrosion and erosion with a digital twin, as well as identify optimization solutions


The efficiency of store supply and the customer experience can be boosted with accurate tracking and simulation models


Digital twin technology and relevant algorithms can be used for the creation of bots to carry out typical financial operations

Urban planning

Many aspects of city life (such as traffic, energy use, and regional development) can be improved and optimized with a virtual model.


Replicating a telecommunications network makes it easy to test changes without drastic effects on the population, as well as determine ways to improve connectivity

1. A digital twin can only be considered useful if it closely matches and replicates the structure and status of the original system. We will spare no effort to guarantee accurate duplication in the twin.

2. When the digital twin consists of an entire system, it is often used to optimize and better control the system. Our company is very familiar with the algorithms and methods used for such system improvements.

3. While data is collected for the creation of a digital twin, it continues to be collected afterwards. We will ensure that the data is collected from the relevant elements of the system and presented clearly.

Virtualize your products, environments, and processes with ScaleXM

ScaleXM has a proven track record of delivering results and innovative solutions spanning back more than 25 years. With our expertise in the area of digital simulation, software development, and 3D visualization, we deliver only the best results.

After the purpose and functionality of the twin are discussed and agreed upon, our specialists will proceed with the collection and analysis of data required for the creation of the twin. Once the digital twin is ready, you may get immediate insight into the efficiency of the product/system, and much more information with time and tests conducted.