Customer Service


  • Front-line employee training
  • Call center training
  • Empathy training
  • Handling difficult customers
  • de-escalation

Customers can be won or lost in a single moment of interaction. Leading customer service organizations focus on creating a consistent brand experience to optimize customer loyalty. With Immersive Learning, employees get the unique opportunity to walk in the shoes of their customers and practice the right reactions to challenging situations.


Delivering consistently excellent customer service and coaching employees to be empathetic by understanding why customers are acting the way they are.


Immersive Learning leverages VR’s unique ability to generate a social presence, and enables trainees to feel present with another real thinking, feeling person. It allows them to have interactions and emotional responses similar to those they would experience in real difficult conversations. This helps the employee understand why the customer is so upset, and helped them build empathy instead of resentment.


In our experience and research we have found that verbal fluency is a key predictor for a person’s handling of a difficult situation. By analyzing this fluency, we can measure trainees’ comfort and confidence level as they de-escalate conversations with unhappy customers.


Performance change before and after 3 repetitions

After three repetitions in ScaleXm, the group had significantly improved verbal fluency and calmness, making them more confident and calm, which are key factors for de-escalation and customer satisfaction.