Augmented Marketing

Augmented Marketing Solution

Leverage the power of augmented reality to AR Marketing Solution Landscapemarket your products, increase engagement and make your company stand out in today’s competitive world.

Marketing specialists and digital agencies are faced with many challenges. Attracting new customers, generating more return sales, adding extra value to the product, and making it noticeable on the market are some of the biggest problems that face businesses. Moreover, many business owners are puzzled over how to increase company revenue without spending more money on components or ingredients.

Want to strengthen your customer-oriented approach and help market products in the most convenient and technological way? ScaleXM offers a solution that allows for not only improving the marketing mix, but introducing interactive features of the product and, thus, making it interesting, noticeable, and fun.

AR Marketing Solution Landscape


We create interactive augmented reality applications that will breathe life into well-known product packaging and turn it into an effective tool for customer engagement by adding value and interesting content to the product. A branded AR application will ensure a fresh and extremely fun product experience that will make a company stand out.


Location-based augmented reality opens new opportunities for supermarkets and other retailers, where the AR application will guide the users around the store, highlight all the necessary sections, show special offers and make their retail experience fast, satisfying and fun.


Sometimes it’s either not that easy, expensive or impossible to place POS materials at the retail store, but location based augmented reality allows to have them anywhere, moreover, they are available for user interaction, and allow an easy data collection.ScaleXM has a deep expertise in location-based AR apps, as well as in software development for retail business.


The process of interior design is full of pitfalls and tough decisions, but markerless augmented reality makes it much easier. With an AR application it is possible to try placing virtual furniture in your room, change the color of the walls etc. We have an experience in creating applications like this, as well as in creating photorealistic 3D models of furniture.


Augmented reality takes the shopping experience to a new level where the user can experience being at the actual store by using virtual try-on applications where they can try on clothes, watches, shoes and even make-up!


It often appears to be boring and dull to read all those small texts in order to learn about the product ingredients, its nutrition properties etc. Augmented reality allows putting this information into an interactive add-on that overlays product packaging and delivers all the needed insights in a form of interactive infographics, 3D models and other graphical content.


Sometimes it’s quite a puzzle for a user to get an idea of how to use or repair a product, even if they have a paper manual for it. Augmented reality allows to create interactive user guides and manuals where all the interactive features are associated with the parts of actual products.


The success of Pokemon Go inspires marketers to leverage the power of AR for creation of customer gamification campaigns. Location-based AR opens new levels of interactivity for creative marketing campaigns that will make products memorable and brands standing out.


It’s not that easy to place all the needed information, such ingredients, description, wine recommendations etc, about the dishes on the menu. Moreover, sometimes it’s hard for people to make their choices just based on pictures. Augmented reality allows to put all the information and 3D models of dishes into an app triggered, for example, by a picture in the menu.


Remember the success of Kinder Surprise? The same could be easily done for any product with AR, where adults and children can collect animated virtual characters, share collections with their friends, take photos etc. At ScaleXM we have a lot of experience in creating marker-rich AR applications with interactive content.


Today, marketers often come to a conclusion that outdoor or printed advertisement never works, but maybe the time has come for these marketing tools to be more interactive? Augmented reality will turn the pictures into live characters that will interact with users, add gamification elements and make the product viral. ScaleXM has the needed expertise to make it happen.


For many users, the main obstacle to online shopping is the inability to look at the real product and get all the necessary information about it. Augmented reality takes the users closer to the product giving them the ability to look at a photorealistic 3D model, access the interactive product info and even try to place it on their table or in their apartment.

Why It Works

  • New interactive features will make the product stand out from other similar items on the market
  • Augmented reality is a perfect add-on to marketing and promotional campaigns – it can merge interactive commercial content that comes to life through the device’s screen with the product itself
  • AR is a natural way to deliver extraordinary experiences and increase the interest of a younger, tech-savvy audience
  • The technology can be used as an effective storytelling and educational tool to let customers explore more information about your product